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February 2010

Sexy Hot in Cleveland's Lust: The Reader Survey on the Cleveland Scene

or the Many Ways of How We Do It in the Midwest, North Coast Style

More Hot Clevelanders' Lust


Film Commission economic impact Since their inception in 1998, they've brought in film, television, and video projects that have spent over $26 million in our region on local crew hires, bed nights, equipment, office rental, supplies, construction materials, food, and entertainment. The Northeast Ohio region has been the backdrop for numerous film and television projects; recent feature films include Against The Ropes (Paramount Pictures), Antwone Fisher (Fox Searchlight), American Splendor (HBO Films), Welcome To Collinwood (Warner Bros.). Now they're offering to producers free scouting trips including airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transportation; destination Cleveland tax incentive; corporate partnerships. They're also tracking over 13 films in various stages of development that are written specifically for Ohio. In addition to monitoring their progress, they research the studio system database for other projects that could be potential fits for our region. The
Cleveland Film Commission

Cleveland rocks because of Mr. Bill Randle, forever! Bill Randle
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