Neale Sourna's Love Poems: "A Lesson In Passion", "Angel", and "Tief"

Neale Sourna's “A Lesson In Passion”

I fly,
silent, fluctuating distances,
emotions faltering,
daring not to peer into depths where objectivity trembles.

I endure,
unexpressed, in self-exile,
suspended between sensuality and reason,
soaring among mists and peaks.

I wait,
inside the golden temple
of purity and forever,
veiled in trembling wonder.

Neale Sourna's “ANGEL/ANGELUS”

[proposed lyric for WB television's "Angel"]

I prowl the night, in desolate despair, you come to me,
Hunger burns deeply, like a hundred years in Hell.

You see my soul of darkness,
Please take this soul of darkness.

This is the face that you fear,
Trust in me and still your heartbeat's blood,
Don't dread for I am here.

Neale Sourna's “TIEF”

Tief in dein blauen Augen,
Macht mir ganz stille sein.
Woll es nicht die Farbe allein ist,
Aber, was ist das die gesehen?
Deep in your blue eyes,
Making me completely still.
It's not merely the colour alone,
But, what is it that they see?

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