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Bloodlines of Shadow Springs

(adult game dating sim)

        A dating sim adventure. Find the truth about your teen vampire lineage, choose to save your humanity or enjoy the lure of using your newfound powers to corrupt your classmates, hot teachers and moms.

        A teenaged student finds he's part of an important living vampire bloodline, as a beautiful vampire Masters him, so she can use his sexual gifts to build her own dynasty.

_co-written actions based on simple outline ,

= character specific character building and dialogs,

= chose image references, possible side quests

Romance After Dark

(visual novel, adult game dating sim)  Wiki

        Welcome to our noir blend of visual novel and adventure game! In this story, you’ll play as Trevor, a once successful private investigator whose wretched life you’ll try to put back on the right track. Use your detective hunches and interact with characters and objects, all the while making crucial choices that will lead you to one of ten endings.

        But what would noir be without a dame? Or, in this case, three: Miranda, the professional singer; Teresa, the intriguing librarian; and Sara, the young lady of the night. Their stories will intersect after every choice and twist, and you’ll need to follow along every entangled plot to reach your goals.

        Of course, if we’re talking noir, we’re talking about grey morality. Your choices won’t be unambiguously good or bad, and unexpected nuances lurk after every one of them. This is the darkest game we’ve ever worked on, the most ambitious, and we’re proud of how we’ve managed to push the boundaries of the erotic genre with this exploration of noir’s themes.

        Speaking of pushing boundaries? The girls are not typical LOP models—because this game is far from typical. Their past, their flaws, their weaknesses, their goals? They have been molded by each of them, and curvaceous advertising models just wouldn’t cut it.

        We want to show you their problems and sorrows, their harsh lives, but also the unique eroticism they embody. The game would not be complete with any other choice, and we invite you to discover why.

_dialog / narration / characterizations built upon from client outline / images

= Dialog

= Narration

= Deep and Varied Characterizations

= Late wife's Name / character, plus, all things Uncle Trev and Snoop

= 10 choice endings


(adult game dating sim)  Wiki

        A successful author finds his career and marriage failing, as he must makes choices for love and job security and financial success. Or failure at them all! Can he win back his wife? Or lose her forever? Save his career and thrive, or end up in disaster? Or find a new love, or two?

        The beauties in his life: fiery brunette Hispanic wife, Maria; her auburn-haired continental Italian girlfriend, Valentina; their family friend the raging hot and demanding African American, Sasha (the wife of Mack); and sweet blonde Linda with her hidden passions.

        Who and what would be your choice?

_dialog / narration / characterizations built upon from client outline / images

= Dialog

= Narration

= Deep and Varied Characterizations

= 9 choice endings

Flirting with Yasmine on Steam

Flirting with Yasmine

(adult game dating sim) This game is marked as 'Adult Only' at Steam.com.

        Catch up with your best friend, the hot Yasmine, as you move in with her and her husband, your male best friend, to rebuild your life, career, and ... love life.

_dialog / narration / characterizations built upon from client outline / images

Adult video game narrative script rewritten by Neale Sourna for Lessions of Passion

A dating sim. A young wife becomes hostage for her husband's gambling debt to a connected Serbian casino owner. As she waits for her spouse to slow return with the money, she may have to start paying off his debt herself.


(dating sim)
(game in post-production)

Game script text and dialog.

        Abramo is an author with a choice for "true love" and another kind of love.

Image borrowed from http://nl.fanpop.com/clubs/cartoons/images/32790299/title/sexy-cartoon-woman-photo

Adult video game narrative text from Neale Sourna for Sex & Glory

"I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow, than a man swear he loves me." _Beatrice

Erotic Game Play.  

Based on William Shakespear's romantic comedy of fidelity and infidelity 

7 different erotic endings! 

A Neale Sourna adult story text for Sex & Glory.

A Neale Sourna story text.


    Best storytelling @ White Nights Conference 2016

    Excellence in audio @ DevGAMM Moscow 2016



(adult game)

Erotic Game Play.


- Based on "Re-animator" and more

Fleshed Out

Fleshed out from client's sketch outline

Excerpt on private request only.

altered image from https://br.pinterest.com/pin/481392647647869844

game cover Heartwild Solitaire: Book One

Heartwild Solitaire, PC Game
from Orchid Games

AUTHOR'S EDITION (for adults) The FIRST solitaire game with a romance story.

ROMANCE: Follow the chaptered story of Anne, as she must leave her  troubled "perfect" life behind and sets off to rediscover her true self.

        But then a mysterious man, a sexy sculptor, steps onto her path....

TAROT: Through a Tarot spread see Anne's fate unfolding. Hand painted cards will guide you.

SOLITAIRE: Have fun with a relaxing, card-matching game. Unique bonuses and random card placement will keep you playing for hours. And if you dare, submit your best score to the online chart and compete with others!

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna, includes spicy, adult themes.

Rated E for Everyone Version also available

PC game Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two

Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two, PC Game
from Orchid Games

AUTHOR'S EDITION (for adults)

ROMANCE: Follow the chaptered story of Binky, a lady's maid and artist's model, as she must try to better herself, as she make choices to find her true self; good and bad.

        Will Binky remain mistress to her artist or seek other male choices, on her dangerous path to love and power and more....

NEW RULES: The game introduces new solitaire rules. More challenging but just as addicting.

Bonus stages are also completely new and quite a brain teaser!

3X BIGGER: With 280 levels this game will last 3 times as long as the first one.

BRANCHING STORY: At critical points you'll have a chance to pick how the story develops. With 4 different endings you'll have a chance to replay the game, choose a different path and experience new levels.

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna, includes spicy, adult themes.

Rated E for Everyone Version also available

game story cover The Secret of Margrave Manor

The Secret of Margrave Manor, PC Game
from Inertia Software

search / puzzle game

        Orphan Edwina Margrave just inherited a mansion belonging to her grandfather, a famous archeologist, missing for ten years.

        And you get to help her search for him! Your only clue to search for his whereabouts is a strange door with an odd puzzle to unlock.

        Travel each room and collect hidden objects and view your strange medley in the collection room.

THE SECRET OF MARGRAVE MANOR changes the positions of the items every time you visit a room, so you`ll always have a FRESH CHALLENGE.

Can you discover your family`s forgotten past?

An eerie Hidden Object game
Spooky searchable rooms.

Find your priceless family secret!

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna

PC game cover Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship

Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship, PC Game
from Inertia Software

search / puzzle game

        Edwina Margrave's back to find her grandfather`s hidden sea treasure in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure game!

        Edwin Margrave, a famed treasure hunter's research ship disappeared mysteriously over a decade ago.

        Now, the ship has reappeared and as part of her inheritance, it’s up to Edwina to figure out what happened.

        Learn about the legendary sea treasure and follow the clues to discover the secret of MARGRAVE MANOR 2: THE LOST SHIP!

=Immersive atmosphere
=Perplexing puzzles
=Find the priceless sea treasure!

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna

online game cover 7 Day Quest

7 Day Quest, Online Game
from Sex and Glory (adults only)

Erotic Game Play.

        You play as Jack Wells, private investigator, and your latest case has you in a small town of hot bar babes and drugs following and watching a rich businessman's horny wife do, well, horny things while her hubby's away.

        Spend your days and night right and you'll get a fine reward, monetary and sexual; blow the job and you'll leave town broke and unsated.

online game image Mysterious Island

Sex and Glory's Mysterious Island, Online Game
from Sex and Glory (adults only)

Erotic Game Play.

        Wake up lost on an unknown, dangerous island with your memory gone.

        Hot ladies and dangers; voodoo priestesses, zombies, a secret lab, a hot fire dancer from the island town, and Tarzan's pissed at you, 'cause Jane loves you better.

        Danger awaits you and sexy encounters, too, whether you ever escape the island, or remain forever.

Online game image Girl with Tattoos

Girl with Tattoos, Online Game
from Sex and Glory (adults only)

Erotic Game Play.

        Help this ex-substance abuser, tattoo artist manage her life and loves, as her path meets famous stars, rich playgirls, and more.

        Help her save her business and save her boyfriend in prison.

        Or maybe take another path....

Online game image Heartwild Solitaire Quiz Game

Heartwild Solitaire Quiz Game
from Orchid Games

        Take this fun online quiz and see what kind of Heartwild you are.


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