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            Neale Sourna ( is an award-winning author / publisher - screenwriter - game story narrative writer based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, who "backed" into novel writing with self-prescribed short story exercises to work out ideas for TV scripts and feature screenplays. Neale’s first published work was "Hesitation" for PLAYGIRL, May 2002. NS also edits and designs (ebook and book covers plus interior layouts) of the character-driven stories published through PIE: Perception Is Everything ( Neale is a former member of the Writer's Guild of America - West (WGA-w)'s Video Game Caucus. 

            Some awards include Neale’s first published novel HOBBLE which won Best Romantic Erotica of the Year from; screenplay FRAMES ranked as a New Century Screenplay Finalist; and Best storytelling @ White Nights Conference Game Narrative Awards for online video game METROPOLIS: LUX OBSCURA. 

            “Characters should have depth and reality, and be unique in their own way.” And how’s this for “range”? With life experience as a temp or perm employee in various fields besides writing; including: business banking and wealth management, accounting, engineering, live theatre, cinema, music (vocal, instruments, and radio), erotic photo modeling, historical and cultural research, and even microgravity research at NASA, Neale builds characters who have unique depth, freshness, and reader memorability.

            Neale was also a Founding Advisory Board Member for "Creative Screenwriting Journal", studied Graduate level Film & Video writing and analysis at American University, DC, and has a Performing Fine Arts Bachelor Degree from Lake Erie College, OH. And continues studies in game design, storytelling, research and confirmation, people observation, and yoga.

            Neale Sourna is a graduate of John F. Kennedy H.S. in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, a former (and again) student of Cuyahoga Community College (Digital Film & Editing, Game Design Building), an undergrad-intern semester at Mount Vernon College with the National Endowment for the Arts Opera-Musical Theatre Financial Distribution Program, and an academic term alone abroad in Vienna, Austria just living, making friends, and learning.

            A fun fact. Neale shares a birthday with these sensual and sensational authors the Marquis deSade of France and Thomas Hardy of England, which says a thing or two about Neale's take on dramatic writing.


_Stories (mobi / kindle / epub) banned by Amazon Kindle or other vendors are available at:

        Neale also writes and edits for others through her writing company Neale Sourna's (including stories for the Orchid Games' / Sandlot Games distrib: Heartwild Solitaire Game Series and Inertia Software's Margrave Manor Game Series PC game lines) [see A Letter About Game Writing].

        "I don't write 'romance' stories, but character love stories, like the short story fiction published at and at, with romance of the heart and of adventure, in its many, many human varieties, as seen through the eyes and hearts and bodies of realistic characters; whether about military special forces regiments, mail order brides in the outback, class-crossed samurai lovers, wealthy Victorian 'minorities,' or luscious vampires of another color." All of which are still in the works, but coming your way!

        Oddly, Neale has also has had a few stories of the North Coast Academies' Series BANNED by Amazon Kindle, after they had sold them previously at Amazon for years!

        Neale has several novels, novellas, and short stories in the works; some of which can be read in extended novel and script excerpts at or or the full short story / novella / novel ebooks and trade paperbacks can be bought online and ordered at brick and mortar stores' connection through the wonderful wholesale distributions of Lightning Source / IngramSpark brand at Ingram's or PublishDrive.

eBook Mall Interview: Neale Sourna, Jan 2012 Interview with Neale Sourna

        Neale was also banned by her writing group--without redress or explanation--evidently simply because of the TITLE of her first nonfiction about learning and doing successful and caring cunnilingus; "Neale Sourna's CuntSinger." (aka SexSinger for those afraid of the title).

NEALE SOURNA'S WRITING-NAKED.COM: With online clients worldwide, fiction and nonfiction: USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Poland, China, and more. Accepting viable clients through Guru and PayPal (if established previous client). Click on links following to see portfolios and connect into Neale online at Guru. WRITING-NAKED.COM

print novel book cover of HOBBLE by Neale Sourna

1st novel [print]

Award-winning fiction!

ebook novel cover of HOBBLE by Neale Sourna

1st novel [ebook_epub, pdf, kindle]

Award-winning fiction!


HOBBLE is Neale's first novel of three whose rough drafts were written one right after the other one year. Hobble is the first of these to be published and won the 2004 Best Erotica Award Black Refer - Neale Sourna also see

READ about "Hobble" and more on Neale's writing process for her delicious novel at HOBBLE INTERVIEW by Jordan Duke of ScriptCLEVELAND


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