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        Over 100+ years of music! Great music with great voices: singers, rappers, instrumentals! Timeless music variety, eclectic classics both old and new; from beginning of disc recording - 1920 to present. Classic oldies, classic hits, & classic new hits: pop, R&B / rhythm and blues, rock, hip hop, American country, jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music, humor, & protest; plus newbies, song originals, & song covers. 

        Classic oldies, classic hits, & classic new hits: pop, R&B / R & B / rhythm and blues, rock, hip hop, American country, jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music, humor, & protest; plus newbies, song originals, & song covers. American Songbook. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame / Rock Hall Inductees and future inductees.

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Armin Reynolds the ThunderManiac

Hip hop / rap and more.

EXCITING TALENT Available for Performance Bookings, Music Downloads, and Song Licensing and

Love and Listen to the sounds of Armin Reynolds the ThunderManiac. Armin's music is broad spectrum of hip hop's vast sub-genres.

He is greatly influenced by his fine art background, and his gift of gab, all talents he's used on his debut album, Behind the Eyes of Armin Reynolds. This album is based on his musical development and life experiences told in metaphorical way.

The album relives that period of time between late 1998 to 2003. During that time Armin was a new college graduate, working various jobs, enjoying the nightlife and stumbling into a few dark and sometimes tragic moments.

But this album marks his perseverance and determination to continue on in the face of adversity. Now, that bring us to present were Armin has completed his second album.

Purchase and Beats Licensing at and more info at

Superfresh Robots /

Rap / hip hop and more.

Listen and love because "Backpacker's Don't Bounce."

I am Ryder "Raystar" Reynolds. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Making music has been my passion as well as my release for over 13 years now.

My music is inspired by real people and events in my life. It’s not always serious and it’s not always silly, but it is always honest.

I want my music to relate to people and inspire creative thought as well as just be something you put on when you can’t think of anything else to listen to.

I have performed with Atmosphere and opened for Dr. Octagon. It has been said that I have a sound similar to Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, or Del The Funkyhomosapian. I think I have a sound all my own, but if that is what I remind people of at least I’m in good company. I currently have

Cameos by AKT/AKtion and D-Roof prove Raystar plays well with others. Thoughtful lyrics are his biggest asset, as Raystar refuses to fit into anyone’s mold, but instead creatively shapes his own.

- Caye Burry

Raystar's Latest MySpace Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] raystar live @ solon arabica (view more) booking (view more) albums stonehenge diaries and Raystar Volume 1 and 2 out now web site (view more) RAYSTAR IN U.K. RADIO ROTATION 105.7FM

More at

Trenchcoat Manifesto

Alternative / Eclectic Cleveland, OH

As Trenchcoat Manifesto, poet Tom Adams and multi-media artist / musician Richard Hearn spin tales culled from just-beneath-the-surface of everyday life and the abstract and sometimes bizarre depths of the human condition.

Using the techniques of spoken word, traditional song structure and film music, they create work that is not tied to any one specific genre or musical style, but rather simply let the material itself, lead them where it wants to go naturally.

Which Moment is the title of Trenchcoat Manifesto’s first CD. Thematically, Which Moment is a collection of stories exploring the uniquely “American” take on the Archetypal Hero/Villain myth and the “journey of transformation”.

To some extent, the body of work was inspired by, and pays homage to, the rich, colorful and sometimes dark history of Cleveland, Ohio’s Tremont neighborhood, where both artists met and of which Richard’s family history goes back four generations.

On another level, it can also be viewed as a commentary on the (news) media-saturated culture we live in today. This is particularly evident in pieces such as The Ocean and Everything Worth Seeing. 

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medium and hard erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica

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soft erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica and general fiction

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Other projects Neale Sourna has written and have been published beyond PIE.

Enjoy sexy softcore, HARDcore fiction and a little nonfiction, too, by Neale Sourna. 

   = screenplays,   

   = poems,

   = blogs, and

Also, literature and scripts written for and published by others:

    = game scripts,

and more.

Profitez du softcore sexy, de la fiction HARDcore et d'un peu de nonfiction, aussi, par Neale Sourna.

= Scénarios,
= Poèmes,
= Blogs, et

En outre, la littérature et les scripts écrits pour et publiés par d'autres:

= Scripts de jeu,

et plus encore.

Genießen Sie sexy Softcore, HARDcore Fiktion und ein wenig Sachbücher, auch von Neale Sourna.

= Drehbücher,
= Gedichte,
= Blogs und

Auch Literatur und Skripte, die für andere geschrieben und veröffentlicht wurden:

= Spiel-Scripts

und vieles mehr.

Disfrute de sexy softcore, HARDcore y un poco de no ficción, también, de Neale Sourna.

= Guiones,
= Poemas,
= Blogs, y

También, la literatura y las escrituras escritas para y publicadas por otros:

= Scripts de juego,

y mucho más.

استمتع شهوانية مثير، والخيال المتشددين وقليل من قصصي، أيضا، من خلال نيل Sourna.

= السينمائية،
= القصائد،
= بلوق، و

أيضا، الأدب والنصوص المكتوبة من أجل ونشرت من قبل الآخرين:

= مخطوطات اللعبة
و اكثر.

astamtae shahwaniat muthir, walkhial almutashaddidin waqalil mmin qisasi, 'ayda, min khilal nil Sourna.

= alssinimayiyat,
= alqasayid,
= bilawq, w

'ayda, al'adab walnnusus almaktubat min ajl wanasharat min qibal alakharin:

= makhtutat alllaebati,
w akthur.

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