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        "Who doesn't love a great story?

        "Who hasn't had a great story or a certain part of a tale that touched them down to their very DNA?

        "Perhaps, one or more tale right here may become an anchor that gives you rest or an elevator of spirit for you, a fiction (and nonfiction) that you'll read again and again, and share with your friends, family, and with your special beloved one(s). " 

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Novel Hobble cover


     Half Native American BENNET GILLESPIE is a burned-out medical healer jogging on the beach of Virginia Beach when, before a beachhouse, he crashes into an African American beauty recuperating from injured ankles with something off about her emotionally.
    Benn offers his helping healing skills and temporarily moves in with her and her rich, elder British guardian; thus beginning an obsessive triangle of wills and lust which may end a life.
     HOBBLE received’s Best Romantic Erotica Novel Award of Year!

     “Hobble is a story of lust and obsessive sex … I was so moved … I went back to my (Franklin) dictionary … hobble means to limp along … to impede … to tie-up, shackle or leash … all of [which] were used in this steamy story, of sex and betrayal!”
    —Delores Thornton, Reviews

[Fiction / Adult Fiction / Adult Erotica / Explicit / Erotica for Women / Dark Sensual Romance / Erotica / Spiritual Sex / Dark Romantic Erotica / Dark Romantica™ / Paranormal / Psychological Erotica / Spiritual Erotica / Multiracial / Interracial / Literary Fiction]

Novella - Short Story Tad NCAD 4

novella / long short story

Gorgeous, biracial rich kid, Tad, gets whoever he wants, male or female, and he has a relentless hard on for his English professor, Dr. Hupper, whose magnificent black cock Tad's stuffed down his eager, tan-white throat and given hand jobs; but, youngster Tad wants serious, naked alone time with his favorite teacher's ebony body.

While fellow student, Quen "the queen," a blonde twink, whose smooth and hairless, boy toy ass virginity is reserved for Top Tad. Bottom boy Quen's in love and dying to be his doormat and cum catcher.

So, do you think delicious Tad will get BOTH of his conquests in one room, in one bed, all completely naked, with himself sandwiched between his Quen's sweet bottom and that masterful black assbuster?

Oh, I know my greedy Switch boy Tad will.

A Lust Novella (M/M/M)
[22 horny chapters, 25,139 words] 

Novel excerpt - short story Grant's Boone _Initial Interview

novella / novel excerpt / long short story

A lawyer makes a pilgrimage to a corporate titan in order to get his help with freeing her client from a death sentence; knowing he's ... “interested” in her.

But, her appeal to this billionaire's sense of justice won’t be enough; she’ll have to curry and satisfy his lust for her, first, in order to save her client’s life. But can they both just walk away afterward?

_10,540 words

Novel excerpt - short story Watchtower: Submerged

novella / short story novel excerpt

In ancient times, a legendary half Egyptian general's rage and jealousy may be his downfall, when he seeks to break a sacred sexual alliance between his Amazon shaman / sorceress mate and her royal allies.

_erotica novel excerpt,

over 10,000 wds! 

Short stories collection novel_Dia

DIA: The Novel

Complete novel unpublished 

       Excerpts from the compiled stories about our favorite naughty cheerleader, her sexy coach, and his team of men and one woman.

        1, published) Mr. Dean's been good and strong, resisting her; but, he is weakening....

        And lovely Dia always gets what she wants. [published]

        2, published) Now, he's building a young woman to satisfy his needs and appetites, molding youngster Dia into the kind of lover he wants, teaching the willing teenager all sorts of naughty things she eagerly wants to learn and accomplish. [published]

        3, published) Anything to please Mr. D; including his hot game with his team. [published]

        4, unpublished) More...

Novel excerpts: All Along the Watchtower


novel unpublished

       Novel Excerpts from  Book One & Book Two of the ancient historical fantasy. There are all kinds of Powers and Loves.

        A deadly legendary General ("The Destroyer") his greedy King ("The Usurper") and the woman he has crossed thousands of leagues to reach, a Princess Royal, War Chief, and supernatural Shaman of a nation confederation of Central Asian steppes horse nomad tribes.

        What can conquerors accomplish among horse people who wear gold, their women are warriors, and the woman he loves has Powers neither he nor his king can comprehend, nor stop? 

Novel excerpts: Aegis


Novel unpublished

        Novel Excerpts from our favorite under the covers cop. 

        She's a Hip Hop undercover urban detective blissfully ensnared in her destructive "no love" lifestyle with two fellow cops, brothers, until her sex partners, two dangerous billionaire brothers with agendas of their own, when their three-way control of her turns murderous; driving her for refuge, to an infamously scandalous wounded Federal Marshal.

Novel Becca DuMaurier excerpts

Book 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)
of Black Rogues Series

novel publishing 2024

        It's 1688, in the midst of the "Glorious Revolution," an English civil war between Protestants and Catholics which has international players interested from France, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
        But, brown-skinned British courtier Rebecca DeLann DuMaurier has more personal cares; she is on the run from a forced marriage to an elderly earl and general; returning home to her stormy ocean-tossed Cornwall, where pirates sail the high seas and stalk the many cliff coves.
        Cornwall's rocky, treacherous coast proves merely a stepping stone for lively Becca, her soldier fiance and an intriguing Irish Catholic gentleman pirate Becca will soon meet just steps from her family home. 

Novel Excerpts.
Original short stories links.

Novel excerpt - short story Temple: Bedrooms

novella / novel excerpt / long short story

        A published Adult Short Story from the unpublished novella work in progress. 

        A post Second World War (WWII) love story/novel excerpt. World War II's been over two years; but, days ago Temple and her little dog Wuffer found Tommy, drinking the morning's milk outside the door of his own family home, like a stray tomcat, finally returned, after seven long years, from God only knows what covert war ventures.

        Temple is now a young widow, who's kept her adopted home safe, its hearth warm and loving; Tommy's a restless, wandering warrior with a perilous past. No longer the elder teen boy, teasing her while she hurries to blossom from child to adolescent; he's now a man grown, teasing her, and still making her desire flame out of control.

_2679 words, Soft Romantic Erotica / Sensual Romance 

Novel excerpt: Laraina (a western)


An Adult Short Story excerpt from the novella work in progress. 

Native American Indian / Historical Erotic Western Romance / Cavalry / Cowboy / Biracial / Interracial / shy love

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