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Neale has been authoring, editing, doing book/ebook layout and publishing about a decade and won's Best Erotica Novel award for her first novel, "Hobble," published through her own company, PIE: Perception Is Everything, and Neale successfully ranked as a finalist for New Century Screenplay's national contest for her script, "FRAMES."

Neale also writes and edits for others through her writing company Neale Sourna's (including stories for the Orchid Games' (Sandlot Games distrib) Heartwild Solitaire and Inertia Software's Margrave Manor series PC game lines) [see A Letter About Game Writing].

Neale's many published works, for ebook, print and online, have an edge that always brings the reader back to the core of being human.

"I don't write 'romance' stories, but character love stories, like the short story fiction published at and at, with romance of the heart and of adventure, in its many, many human varieties, as seen through the eyes and hearts and bodies of realist characters; whether about military special forces regiments, mail order brides in the outback, class-crossed samurai lovers, wealthy Victorian 'minorities,' or luscious vampires of another color." All of which are still in the works, but coming your way!

Oddly, Neale has also has had a few stories of the North Coast Academies' Series banned by Amazon Kindle although they had distributed them previously at Amazon Mobipocket!

Shush. Guess those well done stripping erotic models' skills of seduction and storytelling of Neale's TO WORK FOR YOU was too much for them.

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eBook Mall Interview: Neale Sourna, Jan 2012 Interview with Neale Sourna

Listing of books, ebooks, short stories, excerpts, novels and more, like games, poems, scripts/screenplays (still adding material)

by author Neale Sourna

HOBBLE is Neale's first novel of three and to be published and won the 2004 Best Erotica Award from

READ about "Hobble" and more on Neale's writing process for her delicious novel at INTERVIEW: Jan 2003 by Jordan Duke of ScriptCLEVELAND

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additional Bio bits and writing philosophy at Neale Sourna's

Neale's based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Garfield Heights more specifically) and is a graduate of John F. Kennedy H.S., a former (and again) student of Cuyahoga Community College (Digital Cinema & Editing, Game Building), a graduate of Lake Erie College, and also attended grad Film/Video studies at American University, an undergrad-intern semester at Mount Vernon College for the National Endowment for the Arts Opera-Musical Theatre department, and an academic term abroad in Vienna, Austria.

Neale has several novels, novellas, and short stories in the works; some of which can be read in extended novel and script excerpts at or or the full short story/novella/novel ebooks and trade paperbacks can be bought online and ordered at brick and mortar stores's connection through the wonderful Lightning Source brand at Ingram's (wholesale).

A fun fact. Neale shares a birthday with these sensual and sensational authors the Marquis deSade of France and Thomas Hardy of England, which says a thing or two about Neale's take on dramatic writing.

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Neale was also banned by her writing group--without redress or explanation--evidently simply because of the TITLE of her first nonfiction about learning and doing successful and caring cunnilingus;"Neale Sourna's CuntSinger." Neale's found a better more inclusive group not afraid of s-e-x.

Neale is still planning another nonfiction foray as author, editor, and publisher with essays and research about the symbiosis of acting and celebrity and buying power, see for the latest.

With online clients worldwide, fiction and nonfiction: USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Poland, China, and more. Accepting viable clients through Elance, Guru, and PayPal (if established previous client). Click on links following to see portfolios and connect into Neale online at Elance or Guru.

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(for scripts, screenplays, novels, game stories/gaming stories, short stories, sales dialog scripts, and more)

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"Although some say otherwise; there is NOTHING WRONG with SEEKING PLEASURE and ENTERTAINMENTS that bring true satisfaction and joys which hurt no one.

"In fact, they PUT YOU IN A GREAT AND LOVELY MOOD, which is great for everyone!

"And, really, SEEKING SADNESS instead of SEEKING JOY is truly a sad business to be about, and a more suspicious activity than pleasure and joy seeking.

"Joy is a SMILE, a GREAT FEELING, and ECSTASY without limits.

"It's as seamless as an egg.

"I recall when my busstop, ironically, was at the seminary, and it became odd, or inevitable, that while being at school all the CONFLICTS of STRIVING and MONEY and COMPETITION came to be ... tiresome.

"THERE IS MORE TO LIFE than work and bills and, well, more bills. And more work.


"So, don't you make them do so.

"There is language, both SENSUAL AND SPIRITUAL, language constructed of words and gestures and tones and more layers of WHAT YOU FEEL AND ARE, which can lead us in and out and into so many PLEASURES and JOYS.


--Neale Sourna

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