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"Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."--NS
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  "The best sex I've ever had; and the most dangerous..."--Benn from award-winning novel "HOBBLE"

It's pronounced (neel sore-nah).
PIE: Perception Is Everything(TM)

"Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."

"Thoughtful Entertainment You Can FEEL."

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Did you know that even with a quality products, you can still have some of them selected out and BANNED by Amazon Kindle? Yes, I have products BANNED by Kindle, some after they'd contractually accepted and sold them for years. Anyway....

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Listing of books, ebooks, short stories, excerpts, novels and more, like games, poems, scripts/screenplays (always adding NEW material, come back OFTEN)

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Hobble_blue print cover

Dia's Coach (1) ebook cover

also - Dia's Weekend with Coach (2) [Work in Progress]

cover - Libidinous 1: Short Stories, Poems, and Novel Excerpts

Cover_Grant's Boone - Initial Interview (short story)

Hobble (white ebook cover)

Dia's TeamBang_ebook cover

Cover_3 By Invitation Only

Dez at the Silver Pole_ebook cover

Hesitation_ebook cover

All Along the Watchtower: Submerged (short story cover)

book cover - The Freelancer by Neale Sourna

Tenure_MFM_ebook cover

Professor Teaches the Tight End - MFM_cover

Tenure_MFM_ebook cover

Professor Teaches Tight End - MMM_cover

Neale Sourna's SexSinger: Cunnilingus (Sex Manual, Info, Games, Short Fiction)

Neale Sourna's CuntSinger: Cunnilingus (Sex Manual, Info, Games, Short Fiction)

(publishing in 2015)
, the expanded and extended full novel.

Excerpts (2 chapters:
--- 2 / 2: Becca Escapes to Sea
--- 3 / 3: Becca Gets Her Sea Legs)

Becca Gets Her Sea

BUY from Catalog

Listing of books, ebooks, short stories, excerpts, novels and more, like games, poems, scripts/screenplays

PIE: Perception Is Everything

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PIE: Percept

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PIE logo 

Great fiction stories just posted to two new websites: Samurai (2), Australian outback western mail order bride romance about a shy love (3), "Becca" (a short story novel) with adventure, pirates, a duke and a runaway lady, and more published at:

"Becca" (a short story novel, 6 of the chapters) A swashbuckling pirate story!
_Cornwall, England UK; 1680s

"Outback Love" [aka "Mail Order Love"] in three (3) act chapters
_Coober Pedy, South Australia; 1919

"Samurai Days" & "Samurai Nights
_Kyoto, Japan; 1600s

and five of my wedding night stories are now here:

"Frictionless SheetsIntergalactic Deep Space sometime in the Future

"The Veil: 1846" Gretna Green, Scotland

"No Touching" USA, Today

"Empty Nest Honeymoon" Australia and Pradesh, India

"Iraqi Honeymoon" Fallujah, Iraq


Short Stories/Romance Stories

Short Stories/Romance Stories:

An Old West Calvary Colonel and a "virginal," corseted, mulatto beauty.

Asian Indian Romance and Sex Short Stories by Neale Sourna [now offline]

Bound (html) / Bound (pdf), Bound 2 (pdf) (bondage, s/m)

Raj (entire story, html) / Raj, Raj 2, Raj 3 (British India romance)

Garba Magic (entire story, html) /

Garba Magic (part 1, pdf), Garba Magic 2 (pdf), Garba Magic 3 (pdf) (romantic love and dance)

Call Center (html) / Call Center (pdf) (erotic phone sex, anyone?)

Mile High Club (html) / Mile High Club (pdf) (sex on high)

Rini and Kala (html) / Rini and Kala (pdf) (budding lesbian college romance)

Internet Connection (html) / Internet Connection (video sex, anyone?)

No Kisses (html) / No Kisses (love despite kids)

Wedding Hookup (html) / Wedding Hookup (duh)

Cock Wonder (html) / Cock Wonder (pdf) (oh yeah!)

All of the above stories by Neale Sourna at / copyright for these stories in this form by[No longer found]

MANY MORE BANNED by Amazon and Google but AVAILABLE HERE_NS' North Coast Academies' Diary STORIES...CLICK

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MORE Nonfiction Information


 "Remembering Our Parents"
by Stuart Gustafson
from AITE Publishing
Neale Sourna, contributor

Listing of books, ebooks, short stories, excerpts, novels and more, like games, poems, scripts/screenplays (still adding material)

by author Neale Sourna

Neale Sourna at Google Books

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"Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."--NS

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