MANAGEMENT TEAM: Neale Sourna, owner (author, editor, design layout, marketer, publisher)

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Neale Sourna is an Midwest USA author/publisher with a strong preference for and aptitude for great characters that generate unique stories with a powerful interpersonal and erotic nature.

        Neale is an individual owner of three overlapping companies: writing for others as Neale Sourna's as a freelancer with worldwide clients (ghostwriting, creative writing, and editing of screenplays, game stories, short stories, novels, and more); publishing and marketing ebooks and print books (fiction and nonfiction) through PIE: Perception Is Everything []; and as Neale Sourna the writer, editor, design layout artist, marketer, publisher.

COMPANY ACCOMPLISHMENT YOU'RE MOST PROUD OF:  Author Publishing: Completion of an entire book and having someone choose it, buy it, read it, and love it; and then doing it all again and again.

FREELANCER: Being able to write a story, screenplay, memoir novel for a client that makes them excited and happy to have a quality product made for them.

WHAT'S THE MOST EXCITING THING ON THE HORIZON FOR YOU / YOUR COMPANY?:  A giant boost from new marketing and generating newer and bigger writing projects; including more short stories (individually and compiled) and a few new novels that have been simmering a long tasty time.

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ADDITIONAL COMMENTS, QUOTES, OR POINT OF INTEREST: Author publishing is as difficult as being an author/writer. I write from my entire person, keeping the future reader in mind and publish with my client reader's reading experience high in my thoughts and feelings.

        However, most writers NEVER complete that story, novel, or book. Or, if they do, they NEVER edit it, over and over, and over, until it sparkles, shines, and is invincible as a diamond. Then, they may hand it over to a publishing company and editor, that recut their diamond.

        I don't allow that, the story I wrote for my own pleasure is the story you'll read. Think about it. Being able to put a story or book into another person's hand, INTO THEIR VERY MIND, is remarkable, a gift, a challenge, and a thing that requires constant accomplishment.

        Freelancing is a different matter, it requires constantly selling your skills as a writer and a person to many others who "don't have the time," occasionally admit to not having the skill, but don't see that if you're not going to pay well up front to be your ghost; how about a visible credit.

        Not to mention those who have no complete story idea but want you to generate one, write it, quickly, and for little pay and not put your name on it, and to also completely sign it over to them forever exclusively.

        Freelancing will teach what you will and will not do for your characters and their stories, protecting them and yourself.

        Being Neale Sourna is being a person AND a business in one; realizing that marketing and branding is something not to be taken lightly nor ignored, that every word written, every story told about me or from me says something about author/publisher Neale Sourna, and I want their thoughts, no matter how pleasant or foul, saying that what I present is high quality, knowledgeable, and clever.

LINK(S) to videos : To use as calling card for building more interviews by adding to my own YouTube as first video about Sourna/PIE/Naked for YouTube; LinkedIn; imbed on my websites, Facebook, blogs, etc. Also have been looking into big blogs and forums in sex, fiction, sex ed knowledge, African American writers (, etc.

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