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          Now, the good stuff! DID YOU KNOW that even with HIGH QUALITY, AWARD-WINNING STORIES, an author can actually have great stories been BANNED by Amazon Kindle, even after they'd contractually accepted and SOLD them for years! That's some crazy shit, right?

            Anyway, there are numerous OTHER STORES ... to help YOU BUY and READ WHAT YOU  LIKE.


            REMINDER, LOVERS: Your sexy Anniversary! Your Lover's Birthday! St. Valentine's Day! Sweetest Day! Christmas Love Gifts! And Love and Repeat. Because EVERYDAY is A DAY FOR SENSUAL LOVERS.


            COME BACK OFTEN, Readers of Sexy and Dramatic Fun, and see and read for yourself what  NEW STORIES, NEW CHARACTERS, and BELOVED CHARACTERS Neale Sourna (me!) has in store for SEXY LOVERS, like you and YOUR  LOVER(S)! 'Cause YOUR SPECIAL HOLIDAY and YOUR SPECIAL CELEBRATION is coming, soon, again, or you just missed it (yikes!) and you want something that is ALWAYS SEXY, INTIMATE, LOVING, and SPECIAL to load on their ereader.

            Stay right here. Slow down. Breathe. Relax. Look round my site for excitement that TURNS  YOU ON, or excitement BANNED by Amazon Kindle and GOOGLE PLAY (yeah, I am just THAT damn naughty on the page, people), or even some music archived by yours truly at COOL  MUSIC  VARIETY (but only if  you truly LOVE  VARIETY), and then  SHARE  it all with  YOUR  LOVER(S) or those you love.


More EPUB versions are coming...! Come back often to see BELOW what's updated and what's brand new.... And, ENJOY!




Coming 2020

Historical Romantic Adventure Fiction

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Our hardcore main line
[sensuality is R, NC17, X, XXX]

medium and hard erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica

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Our softcore line
[sensuality is PG13, Soft R]

soft erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica and general fiction

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Our nonfiction line
[PG13, R, NC17, X, XXX]



Other projects Neale Sourna has written and have been published beyond PIE.

online radio

Great music with great voices: singers, rappers, instrumentals! Timeless music variety, eclectic classics both old and new; from beginning of recording - 1920 to now.

Classic oldies, classic hits, & classic new hits: pop, R&B / R & B / rhythm and blues, rock, hip hop, American country, jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music, humor, & protest; plus newbies, song originals, & song covers.

Titles Available

Enjoy sexy softcore, HARDcore fiction and a little nonfiction, too, by Neale Sourna.

= screenplays,
= poems,
= blogs, and

Also, literature and scripts written for and published by others:

= game scripts,
and more.

= Neale Sourna's
Cool Music Variety Online Radio, and more.

Profitez du softcore sexy, de la fiction HARDcore et d'un peu de nonfiction, aussi, par Neale Sourna.

= Scénarios,
= Poèmes,
= Blogs, et

En outre, la littérature et les scripts écrits pour et publiés par d'autres:

= Scripts de jeu,

et plus encore.

= Neale Sourna's Cool Music Variety Online Radio, et plus encore.

Genießen Sie sexy Softcore, HARDcore Fiktion und ein wenig Sachbücher, auch von Neale Sourna.

= Drehbücher,
= Gedichte,
= Blogs und

Auch Literatur und Skripte, die für andere geschrieben und veröffentlicht wurden:

= Spiel-Scripts

und vieles mehr.

= Neale Sourna Cool Music Variety Online Radio, und vieles mehr.

Disfrute de sexy softcore, HARDcore y un poco de no ficción, también, de Neale Sourna.

= Guiones,
= Poemas,
= Blogs, y

También, la literatura y las escrituras escritas para y publicadas por otros:

= Scripts de juego,

y mucho más.

= Neale Sourna Cool Music Variety Online Radio, y mucho más.

astamtae shahwaniat muthir, walkhial almutashaddidin waqalil mmin qisasi, 'ayda, min khilal nil Sourna.

= alssinimayiyat,
= alqasayid,
= bilawq, w

'ayda, al'adab walnnusus almaktubat min ajl wanasharat min qibal alakharin:

= makhtutat alllaebati,

w akthur.

Neale Sourna's Cool Music Variety Online Radio, wa'akthar min dhalik.

Titles Available

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