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3 Poems

"All Along the Watchtower: Submerged" novella from the unpublished book 1 novel; on sale

"Becca DuMaurier", an historical romance novel, Book 1 of The Black Rogues Series, publishes Early August 2020

"Garba Magic" (entire extended short story, html) / love and dance

"Hesitation" A Playgirl Forum shower wet love story. short story; on sale

"Mile High Club" (pdf) / sex on high), original client version; brief short story

"No Kisses" (html) / "No Kisses" (pdf), original client version / love despite kids; brief short story

"No Wedding Night" on sale; brief short story

"Raj" (entire short story, html) / British India

  • "Raj" (part 1, pdf), original client version
  • "Raj 2" (pdf), original client version 
  • "Raj 3" (pdf), original client version

"Rini and Kala" (html) / "Rini and Kala" (pdf) (budding lesbian college romance; brief short story)

"Temple & Silent Tommy" [an online novel excerpt]

"Temple & Silent Tommy: Bedrooms" [short story excerpt from novel] on sale

"The Freelancer" [soft core Romantic Erotica; brief short story] on sale

Published Client Softcore / Sensual Romance Game Stories / Game Script written by Neale Sourna at

Additional Scripts:

"FRAMES", Feature Intro


QUANTUM LEAP: "Rule of Thumb"

THE  X-FILES:  "Insidious"

Tommy's Rubbers [PSA commercial]

TOY  GUNS  ...  AND  TRUTH [a Juvenile Detective Thriller, Feature (Tweaked client script)]

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Published at Romantic 4 Ever: / Romantic Fiction

"Becca" Short Story Web Chapters

Romantic Swashbuckling
Cornwall, England UK; 1680s
        Becca’d been on her way to her betrothal, or rather she’d escaped from crowded, maddening London, back to her stormy, Atlantic tossed Cornwall coast; three hundred miles further west than most London courtiers would ever venture.
        The whole world was in mad upheaval! Pirates raided coasts. Neighbor killed neighbor, for God and Right. Their Catholic king’d run away and his daughter, with her Dutch Protestant husband, now ruled; as Becca’s healthy loveliness and strong family name remained besieged by an earl, whose grown heir had died, and now he wanted another, by her.
        Unlucky Becca.
        She’d lost....

"Becca Du Maurier
from PIE: Percept

Expanded novel(s) of Becca & film short [works in progress]

 3 romantic chapters
aka "Mail Order Love"
Coober Pedy, South Australia; 1919

        I’d come from a lush place, of trees and wide rivers, and had sailed a long, exhaustive time, thousands upon thousands of miles from my home, a half a world away, after receiving his letters and deciding I’d be his wife; even though I’d never met him face-to-face.
        Pete’d waited several days at the port, her ship was late, and he’d wondered what she’d actually be like. People often weren’t like their letters. He’d read every one, more than once.
        I sighed; there wasn’t a tree for miles round, not even a decent....

Her POV / His POV
Kyoto, Japan; 1600s
        We were encamped within in sight of our lord’s favored family temple. His entire core retinue was in attendance, to be of service to his every noble whim. He is a good lord, a great lord, who is extremely clever and most brave, and exceedingly handsome.
        As one of the many ladies of his high court, it is a joy and a thing of great hidden tears to merely glance upon him, even at a distance, as I kneel when he passes and I bow in fullest respect to such a superior being.
        But, it is rumored that his....

an image for Five and Dime by Neale Sourna

"Five and Dime"
[a post WWII REAL romance]

For my parents.

        I listened.

        Any mistakes are my confusion.

        Well, according to my sister, anyway. :-)

Published at

Australia and Pradesh, India

        Our youngest had flown from our nest, to try life on her own terms, leaving us, alone, together, for the first time, since before the children; and now, since Lal’s retirement, we’d managed to argue constantly, getting on each other’s raw nerves, because he’d never spent so much time home before.

So, I escaped to....

Intergalactic Deep Space sometime in the Future
        Straczynski’s bloody, damnable “frictionless sheets.” He’d had them freight teleported to us and we’d used them right away.

        Let’s just say the exciting IDEA of “frictionless sheets” is an intriguing one, the actuality of using them, however, not so much a good idea.

        Maybe only “half”-frictionless, you intrepid inventors out there?
        It was a bad idea because we....

        My lady’s on MP duty, that’s Military Police, policing the dangerous, dusty streets of Fallujah, Iraq. Yep, Iraq; honeymoon capital of the world. Absolutely not.
        We married three days ago, said, “I do.” Kissed. Partied a little, until interrupted, as my special logistics liaison unit pulled out, in answer to an emergency and, short staffed at the present, we all left, including me, her brand, new husband; with the promise to get me back to....

        No touching. That’s what we’d decided, before truly realizing, as we do know, how hard this would be.
        We’ve lived together for two years and our wedding’s in two days, and we haven’t “touched,” I mean REALLY TOUCHED in two months.

        A brief, pecking kiss here; a quick hand squeeze there, yes, but not more. Pretty much just like business associates or brother and sister.
        So, no lingering embraces, no handsy petting, not even....

Gretna Green, Scotland
        His mother hates me, fears that I’ll take him from her, or, well actually, neither he nor I know for certain what she holds against me. But he understands this hindrance; that she wishes to post the banns for his marriage to … that other person.
        So we ran, he and I, with my aunt’s tacit approval, including giving me a gift before our late night journey began northward, to Scotland’s nearest border and the famous Blacksmiths of Gretna Green, who forge both metal and legal marriage.
        We were soaked from....

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