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book / ebook cover of CuntSinger: Cunnilingus by Neale Sourna
book / ebook cover SexSinger: Cunnilingus by Neale Sourna
book cover of How to Seduce Her Like Keanu Reeves by Neale Sourna

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"The Trans / Androgyne Practice" Soft / YA

  • Online at [YA]

"Love's Bitter End" Soft-ishly kinky

  • Online at Kink-E Magazine

VampErotic - 15 Erotic Vampire Short Stories - Volume 1 from  Vibrators PriveCo (Editor) / an extension of the Readerotica series; also at Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Neale Sourna POEMS  /  POETRY

A Lesson in Passion at

Angel / Angelus

Tief at

I Dreamt of Kick

Out of Body

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Other projects Neale Sourna has written and have been published beyond PIE.

I have for your enjoyment sexy softcore, HARDcore, and a little nonfiction, too.

Fiction and nonfiction written for and published by others:

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